Fix broken tail lights on a MA70 supra

Fix broken tail lights on a MA70 supra

A common problem on the MK3 A70 supra is the light failure light coming on when lights are working fine, and even worse: your lights fail completely although the bulbs and the fuses are all fine. Most times you will find that the lamp failure light box has gone bad. Here’s how to get your lights back up without spending any money:


Before you start this procedure:

Make sure you have checked your fuses and the lights. There is no sense in doing this procedure when you haven’t made sure it’s not something simple.


WARNING: This modification will disable the orange Tail Lamp Failure Warning Light on your dashboard. If this is unacceptable to you, you must purchase a replacement sensor. If you are not comfortable attempting this modification have someone who does do it. Proceed at your own risk.


1) Locate and remove sensor.
The sensor is located under the drivers tail light. Unclip it from the body and then unplug it.

2) Bypass the tail light circuit.
Connect the tail light signal wire (Green) to the tail light wire (Green w/ Red Stripe). I reccomend using wire tap in squeeze connectors that way you dont have to cut any wires.

3) Bypass the brake light circuit.
Connect the brakelight signal wire (Green w/ White Stripe) to the brake light wire (Red w/ Blue stripe) and the the 3rd brake light wire (Red w/ White Stripe). Again all three of these wires are to be connected together.

4) Throw away your broken Tail Lamp Failure Sensor
Do not plug your sensor back in. Doing so will cause the annoying orange lamp failure warning light on your dash to stay on. Leave it unplugged ant the light will stay off.

5) Test your work
Turn on your lights and make sure your tail lights work properly. Have a friend step on the brake pedal, and make sure your brake lights work properly as well. Dont forget to check the Third (spoiler) brake light.

This is what the box looks like:

Lamp Failure Box

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