Cleaning the 2JZ VVTI oil control valve

Cleaning the 2JZ VVTI oil control valve

Originally written by 2JZgarage OCV

This is a guide to cleaning the VVTi Oil Control Valve (OCV) and filter on the 2JZGTE or 2JZGE VVTi engine. This is the valve the controls the oil pressure sent to the VVTi intake cam gear assembly. This can be done as preventive maintenance, to replace with new components or if there are error codes. I’ve seen various forums that mention code 59 for supra and P1329 for IS300/Aristo which may be cleared by cleaning the OCV if there are issues with the VVTi system.

This is probably not required for most well maintained 2JZ’s but I was double checking mine before I install camshafts and springs to ensure the vvti functions correctly and to the best of it’s ability.

These instructions are for the supra 2JZGTE VVTi, but may be applicable for other VVTi engines from various models, there may be further steps involved depending on your application.

Tools Required;

  • 22mm spanner or socket
  • 10mm spanner or socket
  • 5mm allen key or socket
  • Needle nose plyers or small flat head screw driver
  • Rag

Optional Parts Required;

*Note – These are only required if you believe these are in bad condition, faulty or are damaged as part of removal/installation

  • 15330-46010 – Oil Control Valve
  • 90099-14137 – Rubber o_ring for Oil Control Valve
  • 15678-46020 – Oil Control Valve Filter
  • 90430-16012 – Washer/Gaskets for union bolt

Start by disconnecting the battery as a precaution. Your engine bay should look something like this 🙂

This is the location of the OCV, the top connector will need to be unplugged and the 22mm union bolt below it. Ensure you put a rag under the bolt as a small amount of oil will come out, also there is a washer behind the bolt that may drop.

Once you have removed the union bolt and washer you should ensure you remove the washer behind the fitting.

There is a chance the OCV filter does not come out and is left in the hole. You can use needle nose plyers, a small flat head screw driver or other method to remove it.

Once the OCV filter and union bolt plus the washers are removed use your favourite parts cleaner/degreaser to clear it of any oil/gunk. Be careful not to touch the mesh part of the filter if possible. In my case the filter was very clean. You can then put the OCV filter back on the end of the union bolt.

The next step is optional but at this stage you can put it all back together the opposite to how it was removed, or you can continue cleaning the rest of the OCV.

Remove the cam cover bolts (5mm allen key/socket) and you should have something looking like this below (note these are LS2 LQ9 coils – not stock setup)

Remove the 10mm bolt on top of the OCV

You can now slide the valve out, you may need to turn/twist it while removing, it requires a little force due to the rubber oil seal.

You can now see inside where the OCV and union bolt was removed 🙂

Once the OCV is removed use your favourite parts cleaner/degreaser to clear it of any oil/gunk. In my case the OCV was very clean. I took a few pics so those interested could see how it looks.

You can now put the OCV back on, along with the OCV union bolt and filter if you didn’t earlier. Be careful with the OCV, I’d recommend putting some oil around the rubber seal to ensure an easy installation. Ensure all the bolts are tightened, cam cover placed back on, VVTi solenoid connector plugged in and battery re-connected. Once complete should look something like this.

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