JZ Alternator upgrade

Upgrading your JZ alternator to something bigger

So you’re looking into upgrading your alternator on your JZ to something more beefy.

There are several ways to do this, varying from getting a complete custom one to having your own upgraded. These options can be quite expensive and not OEM. For those who prefer Toyota OEM as a better and possibly cheaper route to go, We’ll discuss some of the possibilities in this article, the major part being upgrading to the Tundra or Sequoia alternators.

Here’s an overview of some of the stock options for JZ engines and the upgrades:

Type AMPS in Ah
SUPRA JZA70 1JZ-GTE non-vvti 80
SOARER JZZ30 1JZ-GTE non-vvti 100
SUPRA JZA80 2JZ-GTE non-vvti (MT) 90
SUPRA JZA80/ ARISTO JZS147 2JZ-GTE non-vvti (AT) 100
IS300/GS300 2JZ-GE vvti (PN#101211-7310) 100
Lexus GX470 and Sequoia (2003-2006 models) 130
XK40 Tundra (2003-2006 models) 130 and 150

So there are options from factory.

All JZ alternators are bolt-on. The plug may be somewhat different though throughout the years Toyota changed that on some models. The JZZ30 and the JZA80 use an oval plug, JZA70 and MA70 use the round plug. Please check your car to make sure. When swapping from a round plug alternator to an oval one, order: 1x #PN 90980-11349 (empty plug) and 3x #PN 82998-12240 (wiring)

So for instance, If you’re still rocking the stock alternator on your JZA70, a Soarer or jza80 alternator is a nice OEM upgrade and a bolt-on. Perfect! Just change the plug and go!

For the 100AMP 2JZ alternator, use: 101211-7310, this replaces part numbers:

DENSO: 101211-7310, 101211-7800, 102211-0730, DENSO REMAN: 9661219-780
LESTER: 13791
REMY REMAN: AR100413, AR100688
TOYOTA: 27060-43220, 27060-46270, 27060-46300

For those of you who want the bigger AMP alternators, the write-up shown below can be used. I took this information from different forums and I’m not the creator of this content and pictures. I merely gathered everything and put it all together in one place for everyone’s convenience. If I need to rep you because this information and/or pictures were made by you, please let me know!

Differences between a Aristo and a Tundra alternator

Differences between a Aristo and a Tundra alternator

Part numbers and all the good stuff

2003 to 2008 4.7L V8 2UZ-FE. Sequoia and Lexus GX470 that got the 2UZ-FE have the 130A
2003-2006 Sequoia
2003-2006 Tundra

Use this part # for the 150A alternator:

This is the 130A version:

Tundra alternator 130A:
27060-0F070 (Rockauto partnumber 210-1065 for the Denso 130 AMPS, Denso part: DENSO 2101065)

– The Tundra alternator uses a metric 6mm for the power cable instead of an 8mm like the Supra.
– You can directly swap over your Supra pulley in case yours is prettier.


As you can see, the plugs are different. You need to replace the plug or make some sort of adapter wiring.

How to swap the Supra 3 pin plug to the new Tundra 4 pin plug and wiring:

Order from your favourite dealer:

1x PN#90980-11964 (housing)
4x PN#82998-12240 (wires )

Supra 3 pin to 4 pin, respectively goes like this:

(yellow/green stripe) 1–>4,
plug up the third pin with an OEM plug or RTV silicone.


Supra wires are as follows:
pin 1: bad alternator light goes to pin 4
Pin 2: ignition goes to pin 2
Pin 3: constant 12v goes to pin 1

When you mock up the alternator on the lower bolt, then rotate the alternator so the top ear hits where it’s supposed to mount.

You can use a marker to trace where it hits and then dismount the unit.

The mask off the sides and take it to a machine shop to be machined down (5mm of material as shown.)


In the next image, The portion of the lip that was marked was shaved off.
Notes: The alternator is smaller, and subjectively feels lighter.

The third ear on the Tundra unit doesn’t get in the way and isn’t used. Remove the 10mm bolt holding the harness support as it won’t be used.