JZ Swaps for dummies

The ultimate 1JZ and 2JZ swap for dummies

Taken from supramania
Background Information
The MKIII came with a lot of interchangeable parts. The engine and body harness were different for certain years and so were the engine mounts and brackets.
Here Is A List To Help

  • 1986.5-Early 1989– Yellow Plug Engine And Body Harness
  • Late 1989-1992– Grey Plug Engine And Body Harness
  • Late 1989Specific Engine Harness, Not The Same As 1991-1992 Grey Plugs
  • 1986.5-Early 1989– Square Engine Mounts Specific Bracket
  • Late 1989-1992– Round Engine Mounts (MKIV Mounts Can Be Used After Grounding The Tab Off)
  • When Swapping A 1JZ/2JZ, BIC Sells Swap Brackets
  • The OEM 1JZ Engine Brackets Will Work

1JZ/2JZ Swap Parts Need For An MKIII (1986.5-1992)

Below are all the parts listed for a 1JZ-GTE or a 2JZ-GTE swap. You will need the motor set and all of its electrical parts. Certain things will need to be changed for fitment and simplicity such as the oil pan and water pump. You will need a 1JZ bellhousing and flywheel which can be used on the 2JZ too. The clutch system is the same that comes from a turbo MKIII with a R154. You will needs special brackets to allow you to swap your 1JZ/2JZ into your car. Intercooler piping will be custom to any swap but there are “plug and play” piping kits for 1JZ/2JZ twin setups. You should upgrade to the higher flow Walbro fuel pump as it will support the higher boost levels a lot better than the stock pump. The toughest part about this swap will be converting your harness to plug into your car. You can send it to Dr.Tweak at Phoenix Tuning to have him adapt the body plugs of the 7M harness to the 1JZ/2JZ harness so you can control your car’s relays and modules along with the motor. If you are scared of wiring, send your harness to him.

  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Motor Set
  • Supra R154 Transmission The Soarer R154 Is Wrong, Shifter Housing Is Too Long
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Harness
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Igniter
  • Map Sensor (All JZ Map Sensors Are Interchangeable)
  • Toyota 2JZ-GTE Water Pump With O-Ring And Rear Housing (Eliminates Hydro pump Setup)
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Upper And Lower Rear Sump Oil Pan With Pick-Up (Front Sump Will NOT Work)
  • 7M Harness That Matches Your Year Of Car (See Above)
  • 1JZ-GTE–>R154 Bellhousing (Can Be Used On A 2JZ As Well)
  • 1JZ-GTE Flywheel (Can Be Used On A 2JZ As Well)
  • ARP 1JZ Flywheel Bolts (DriftMotion Has Them)
  • 1986.5-1992 7M-GTE Clutch Setup (OSGiken/RPS/SPEC Has 1JZ Twin/Triple Disk Options)
  • Engine Brackets That Fit Your Car’s Engine Mounts/Subframe (See Above)
  • Stock R154 Turbo Driveshaft (Auto Driveshaft Is Different)
  • 1JZ-GTE Fuel Feed Line (7M-GTE Feed Line Modified To Work Is Ok; DM Line Works Well Too)
  • Adapted Engine Harness To Combine JZ To 7M Body Plugs (Contact Dr.Tweak At Phoenix Tuning)
  • Aristo 2JZ-GTE Into MA70 Wiring Help By Supra_Dave Click Here
  • Supra JZA70 1JZ-GTE Into MA70 Click Here
  • Soarer 1JZ-GTE Into MA70 Click Here
  • MKIV Supra Throttle Cable (Stock Throttle Cable Is Too Short)
  • In-Tank Walbro Fuel Pump (Optional)
  • DriftMotion Oil Pressure Line To 7M Oil Pressure Sensor (Optional; Allows Stock Gauge To Work)
  • DriftMotion Oil Pressure Line To 1/8NPT Bung (Optional; For Aftermarket Oil Pressure Gauge)
  • DriftMotion 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Power Steering Braided Line (To Keep Power Steering)
  • 12V Fuel Pump Mod (Recommended To Improve Fuel System Performance)
  • Intercooler With Piping (2.5″ For Twins, 3″ For Single Setups)
  • Modified Downpipe To Fit The 1JZ/2JZ Setup (7M Downpipe Will Not Work Without Modification)
  • 1JZ-GTE Twin Turbo Down Pipe Flange Or 2JZ-GTE Twin Turbo Downpipe Flange (JDM 2JZ/USDM 2JZ Have Different Flanges)

Mounting Your JZ In Your Supra

  • 1986.5 – Early 1989 – Square Mount Subframe
  • Late 1989 – 1992 – Round Mount Subframe
  • You Can Use 1JZ JZA70 Engine Brackets With POST 97 MKIV Mounts On A Round Mount Subframe ONLY!
  • The Early Longer MKIV Mounts Will Not Work And The Aristo Brackets Are Different From The 1JZ Brackets
  • The Picture Below Is What JZA70 Engine Brackets Look Like

Transmission Choices

To Use An R154, You Will Need:

  • 1JZ-GTE R154 Bellhousing (Toyota Stopped Importing Them;Expect Prices To Climb)
  • 1JZ-GTE R154 Flywheel (Toyota Stopped Importing Them;Expect Prices To Climb)
  • Supra R154 Transmission
  • JDM R154 Do Not Have An ABS Sensor; Can Be Added By Removing Plug
  • 86.5-1992 7M-GTE Clutch; All Years Are The Same
  • 1JZ ARP Flywheel Bolts (DriftMotion Sells Them)
  • The R154 Has Pressure Plate Holes Divided In 3 Sets Of 3 Holes; The W58 Has 3 Sets Of 2 Hol

1JZ-GTE Auto

  • 1JZ-GTE With Auto Transmission
  • Auto 1JZ-GTE ECU
  • Auto 1JZ-GTE Harness
  • SC300 W58 Front Shaft (Supra W58 Half Shalf Has A Different Spline)

Aristo 2JZ-GTE With Auto

  • Complete 1JZ-GTE A340E Auto Transmission
  • Complete Aristo 2JZ-GTE Auto Transmission
  • Aristo 2JZ-GTE Auto Transmission Torque Converter (1JZ-GTE Torque Converter Is Incorrect)
  • Aristo 2JZ-GTE Auto Transmission Flex Plate
  • SC300 W58 Front Shaft (Supra W58 Half Shaft Has A Different Spline)
  • Stock 7M-GTE Auto Transmission Mount

Steps On How To Get A 2JZ-GTE Auto Into A MA70

You will need to swap the bellhousing, torque converter and valve body onto the 1JZ Auto Transmission. You will also need to use the Aristo 2JZ-GTE Flex Plate. After doing this you will have a 1JZ-GTE Auto transmission with the 2JZ parts but you will have a mechanical speedometer and other MA70 chassis specific components.

  • Keep In Mind, 7M-GTE Auto Is Not The Same As The 1JZ-GTE Auto
  • You Will Be Using The 1JZ Auto Transmission; Line Pressure Is Cable Controlled
  • Remove Aristo 2JZ Bellhousing; Install On 1JZ-GTE Auto
  • Remove Aristo 2JZ Torque Converter; Install On 1JZ-GTE Auto Input Shaft
  • Remove Aristo 2JZ-GTE Valve body; Install In 1JZ-GTE Auto Transmission
  • Now You Have The 1JZ-GTE With 2JZ-GTE Components And MA70 Chassis Components
  • Install SC300 W58 Half Shaft On Stock 7M Automatic Transmission Driveshaft

Wiring That Needs To Be Done To Use Aristo 2JZ-GTE With 1JZ Auto Transmission

You will need to wire up the neutral safety switch for the 1JZ-GTE Auto Transmission. The stock MA70 is not wired correctly and will cause the car to stall when shifting gears. You will need to use this diagram.

  • Here Is The Wiring Diagram
  • Hook Up E4 To Your Cranking Power From Your Ignition Switch
  • Hook Up E5 To Your Starter Relay Trigger
  • Hook Up Other Side Of Starter Relay Trigger To Ground
  • Hook Up The One Side Of Your Starter Relay Pass Thru To Cranking Power
  • Hook Up The Other Side Of Starter Relay Pass Thru To Your Starter

Keeping Power Steering On Your 1JZ-GTE Or 2JZ-GTE

We all want to keep some kind of comfort and keeping power steering on your 1JZ-GTE or 2JZ-GTE is simple. You will not be able to keep the idle up valve but it is not really needed. You might have to give the engine a little more gas when parallel parking and if you want to solve this issue, let your car get up to operating temperature and then adjust the idle using the stop screw on the throttle body. 1000RPM is enough for soft steering and it is barely noticeable. It will take a little fiddling with to get it just right, but once set, it’s good to go.

If You Want To Keep Power Steering On The 1JZ-GTE Or 2JZ-GTE, You Will Need The Following:

  • DriftMotion 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Power Steering Braided Line
  • DriftMotion Line Comes With Two Fittings, One Each For Pump And Rack And Crush Washers
  • Power Steering Reservoir (Choose One)
    • 1993-1998 MKIV Supra Twin Turbo Power Steering Reservoir
    • JZA70 Power Steering Reservoir
  • Loop/Connect The Vacuum Lines That Went To The Idle Up Valve

Keeping A/C On Your 1JZ-GTE Or 2JZ-GTE

Keeping A/C On Your 1JZ-GTE Or 2JZ-GTE Swap Is Easy. Follow These Steps:

  • The A/C Compressor Head Is The Part Where The Lines Bolt Onto
  • Notice Where The Ground Wire On The 1JZ-GTE Or 2JZ-GTE Compressor Is Connected To
  • Locate The Head On Each Compressor
  • Remove Head Off The 7M-GTE Or 7M-GE A/C Compressor
  • Remove Head Off The 1JZ-GTE Or 2JZ-GTE A/C Compressor
  • Place 7M A/C Compressor Head On The 1JZ-GTE Or 2JZ-GTE Compressor
  • Bolt Onto The Engine And Your Stock 7M Lines Will Fit!
  • Notching Power Steering Bracket Maybe Be Need

1JZ/2JZ Spark Plugs

  • BPU = Basic Power Upgrades (Intake/Exhaust)
  • Stock/BPU Power Level – NGK Platinum Spark Plug 7088(BCPR6EGP)
  • Above BPU Level – NGK BKR7E

1JZ Alternator Wiring

This only applies to the round plug alternator. I am researching on the Aristo oval plug alternator to see if it uses the same pinout as the 7M/1JZ alternator. I am also looking into an option to see if the 7M alternator round plug can be transfered to the 2JZ oval plug alternator. I know for a fact, if you have a 2JZ oval plug alternator and an old 1JZ round plug alternator, you can open the alternator and transfer the round plug over to the oval plug alternator.

Below is a pinout for the wires of the 1JZ/2JZ alternators. The 7M uses the SAME color of wires and round plug connect regardless of year. What you will need to do is extend the wires over to the passenger side of the car as that is the new location of the alternator and you will also need to extend the alternator battery cable that bolts onto the stud of the alternator and then secured with a 10MM nut.

What Each Wire Does

Used For – Ignition 12V
How Its Hooked Up – 12V Switched Ignition Power Size Fuse Needed – 15amp

Used For – Sense charge
How Its Hooked Up- AM1 Constant Battery Power Size Fuse Needed – 40amp

Yellow with Green Stripe:
Used For – Battery Warning Lamp
How Its Hooked Up- Grounded To Cluster
Size Fuse Needed – 7.5amp

1JZ/2JZ Fan Clutch Setup

As some of you may know, I do NOT like electric fans. It requires the installation of relays and heavy gauge wiring to allow them to work. Why not stick to a fan clutch setup? 1000HP MKIVs run them for years without any issues why don’t you? Here are some options.

Fan Options

Stock Radiator

  • LS400 Fan Clutch
  • 7M-GTE Blade
  • 2JZ-GE Blade

Koyo Radiator Aluminum Radiator

  • 1JZ-GTE(Rare) , 2JZ-GTE/GE Fan Clutch
  • 2JZ-GE Blade
  • Shroud Does Not Fit To Well

Serpentine Belt Options

If you are not going to run Power Steering AND AN A/C Compressor you will need to use the following setup:

  • Belt: Goodyear Part Number 4060390 Or Dayco Part Number 5060390
  • New Idler Pulley: GATES Part # 36100 (Must Clearance Stock Tensioner Assembly; Very Easy)
  • New Idler Pulley = Rib, O.D.75MM x Width 17MM x Bearing ID 17MM
  • Idler Pulley From 2000 Honda S2000

If you are going to eliminate JUST the A/C Compressor, you will need the following:

  • Serpentine Belt For A 2000 Audi A4 With 2.8L Engine
  • Works With Stock Tensioner And Pulley

If you are going to eliminate JUST the Power Steering Pump, you will need the following: I have never seen this done and it doesn’t make sense at all. Why would you keep one comfort feature and give up another. Keep both or eliminate both. If you insist, keep in mind it has not been done before and what will be listed will be just theory, not practical:

  • New Idler Pulley: GATES Part # 36100
  • Clearance Behind Pulley On Stock Tensioner Assembly Is Need, Easy To Do
  • New Idler Pulley Is A 6 Rib, O.D.75MM x Width 17MM x Bearing ID 17MM
  • Idler Pulley From 2000 Honda S2000
  • Not Enough Contact By The Belt Will Be Made To The Crank Pulley (Slipping May Occur)
  • Run A Tape Measure Around All The Pulleys, Should Look Like A Big Circle/Oval Going Around Pulleys
  • Record Length, Subtract Two Inches, You Want The Belt To Be Shorter So It Can Be Tensioned
  • Buy The New Belt That Is 6Rib And 30MM Width(Same As Stock Belt) And Try It Out

1JZ/2JZ Injector Options

If you have a USDM 2JZ-GTE, you have the largest stock option available. If you have a JDM 2JZ-GTE or a 1JZ-GTE, there is room for an upgrade using OEM parts.

To change the injectors on either the 1JZ-GTE or JDM 2JZ-GTE, you MAY need to wire in a resistor pack which can be found off any year turbo MKIII. The injectors are all interchangeable and use the same O-rings. Like stated below, the tabs might need to be ground off from the USDM 550CC injectors. You might have to place an extra O-Ring on the top of the 550CC injector to have it seat tightly.

When you are wiring in a resistor pack, you will only need to cut the wires relating to the power side of the injector. The ECU controls a switched ground, which is used to fire the injector. The 7M-GTE resistor pack has the following pinout(Pinout Is On The Plug Side, Not Coming Directly From The Resistor):

7M-GTE Black/Orange Wire – Gets Switched 12V Source 7M-GTE Yellow Wire – Goes To Cylinder 1 and 2 7M-GTE Red Wire – Goes To Cylinder 3 and 4 7M-GTE Black Wire – Goes To Cylinder 5 and 6

All the 12V wires that go to each injector, become one large wire in the harness. This wire goes to the black/orange wire for the resistor. The yellow, red and black wire go to a set of two injectors. Which set of injectors that the red, black or yellow wires go to is NOT important. The pair is not important either, you can have injector 1 and injector 2 on the yellow wire of the resistor pack or injector 3 and injector 6 on the yellow wire. The yellow, red and black wires all do the samething. The 1JZ-GTE has a batch fired injection system which is done through the GROUND, not the 12V.

Stock Injectors

  • 1JZ Stock Injectors – 370CC
  • JDM 2JZ-GTE Stock Injectors – 440CC
  • USDM 2JZ-GTE Stock Injectors – 550CC


1JZ-GTE Injector Upgrade


JDM 2JZ-GTE Injector Change



When performing a 1JZ/2JZ swap into your MKIII Supra. You will need the motor set and all of its accompanied parts. The R154 is a much stronger gearbox and will hold power a lot better than a W58. The V160 from the MKIV can work in our cars but will require some modification to the gearbox cross member and a diff swap as the diff ratio is incorrect and will render 1st and 2nd useless. Any 7M-GTE clutch will work with the R154 gearbox, R154 flywheel and R154 bell housing.
You will need to get engine swap brackets. BIC makes swap brackets that allows you to swap a JZ motor into your MKIII. You will need to purchase the correct brackets to match your subframe, round or square mount. 1Z OEM Brackets will place the 1JZ/2JZ in the correct position but will only work with round mounts.
The JZ series you get from Japan comes with a hydro pump setup that is more of a hassle to keep. You can get the Toyota 2JZ-GTE water pump with the rear housing and new O-ring from Curt at Elmhurst Toyota or your Toyota dealership. It will eliminate the hydro pump setup and allow you to run a simple fan and fan clutch setup.
You will need to send your stock harness to Dr.Tweak to have the body plugs from the 7M harness transferred to the JZ harness. You can do this yourself but if you are not good at wiring and don’t want the hassle, he can take care of that for you.
The stock 7M-GTE fuel feed line will work if you are able to modify it. I recommend the DriftMotion 1JZ/2JZ Fuel Dampener Line but you can have a custom line made at any hydraulic hose shop. When using the DriftMotion Oil Pressure Line to make the stock oil pressure cluster gauge work, you will need to remove the 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE oil pressure switch that is located directly between the power steering pump and A/C compressor. You will then screw in the pressure line and place your 7M-GTE Oil Pressure Sensor on the end.

Common Swap Issues

Here is where I will talk about common swap issues. The first and foremost, please make sure that your “Check Engine Light” is working. It will make diagnoses a lot easier.

Engine Block Mounting Hole Location

It is very common when doing a 1JZ-GTE and 2JZ-GTE swap, you will wonder where the BIC mount brackets go. It goes where the stock fuel dampener goes on the 1JZ-GTE and 2JZ-GTE. The location of the stock 2JZ-GTE mounting brackets are not the correct holes. You will be using the set of holes where the fuel dampener bolts to. Here are the pictures, keep in mind BIC and OEM 1JZ mounts use the same holes:

All Codes Explained, Air Flow Meter Is The Map Sensor For JZ Engines

A Quick Code Run Down

  • Code: 11 Momentary interruption in power supply to ECU.
  • Code: 12 RPM Signal (Usually Cam/Crank Position Sensor Or Its Wiring)
  • Code: 13 RPM Signal (Usually Cam/Crank Position Sensor Or Its Wiring)
  • Code: 14 Ignition Signal
  • Code: 21 Oxygen Sensor Signal
  • Code: 22 Water Temp Sensor Signal
  • Code: 24 Intake air Temp Sensor Signal
  • Code: 25 Air-Fuel Ratio Lean Malfunction
  • Code: 26 Air-Fuel Ratio Rich Malfunction
  • Code: 27 Sub-Oxygen Sensor Signal or Sensor Heater
  • Code: 31 Air Flow Meter Signal
  • Code: 32 Map Sensor
  • Code: 41 Throttle Position Sensor Signal
  • Code: 42 Vehicle Speed Sensor Signal
  • Code: 43 Starter Signal
  • Code: 51 TPS Switch Signal
  • Code: 52 Knock Sensor Signal
  • Code: 53 Knock Control Signal in ECU

ECU Pinouts

  • 1JZ Supra – Here
  • 1JZ Soarer – Here
  • 1JZ Soarer Abbreviations Are The Same As The Supra But The Pins Are In Different Places.

1JZ ECU’s are known to have bad capacitors. DriftMotion offers a repair service that you can try to see if it will help BUT it is just best to save your pennies and go standalone as that will solve the problem. A bad computer can cause issues such as hesitation, misfire, revving on its own and in some cases, the engine will not even start.
So now your JZ motor is misfiring under boost? It is very common to have cracked coil packs because these motors are at least 18 years old. The constant heating and cooling process takes its toll on their stem. You can epoxy the cracks and heat shrink the stems but that won’t last very long though.

1JZ Parts List

I am going to list the interchangeable parts that will work on the 1JZ. I will not do this as you can walk into any Toyota dealer and have them pull up their catalog and you can play your order. Here in North American, we do not have that privilege, except Curt at Elmhurst Toyota.

Interchangeable Parts Between The 1JZ And 2JZ

  • BIC Or OEM Engine Brackets
  • Coil Packs
  • Spark Plugs
  • Water Pump
  • Water Pump Rear Housing O-Ring
  • Gasket On Rear Water Pump Housing For Brass Coolant Pipe That Runs Around The Block
  • Serpentine Belt Tensioner
  • Power Steering Pump
  • A/C Compressor
  • Alternator
  • Crank Pulley
  • Water Pump Pulley
  • Alternator Pulley
  • Power Steering Pump Pulley
  • 2JZ-GTE Oil Pump (Must Have Crank Position Sensor Hole)
  • Both Oil Pump To Block O-Rings
  • Upper And Lower Oil Pan
  • Timing Belt Hydraulic Tensioner
  • Timing Belt Idler Pulley
  • Timing Belt Crank Gear
  • Cam Gears
  • Cam Gear Dowel Pin
  • Cam Position Sensor
  • Crank Position Sensor
  • Knock Sensors
  • Intake Air Temperature Sensor (After Changing Electrical Connector)
  • Map Sensor
  • Throttle Position Sensor
  • JDM Aristo 2JZ 440cc Injectors
  • USDM 550cc Injectors With Resistor Pack Wired In
  • 2JZ-GE PCV Valve (Works Better, Replaces The Special “S” Hose To A 90 Degree Hose)
  • 2JZ PCV Valve Grommet
  • Turbo Oil Drain Gasket
  • Water Pump Pipe O-Rings (Not The Pipe Itself, 1JZ Pipe Is Shorter Than The 2JZ)
  • Upper Water Neck Gasket To Head
  • Thermostat
  • Thermostat O-Ring
  • Lower Radiator Hose Neck On Water Pump Rear Housing
  • Oil Filter Housing To Block O-Ring
  • Oil Cooler Internal O-Rings, Gasket And Crush Washer
  • ARP Head Studs (Uses 13MM Or 1/2″ 12 Point Deep Socket; 1/2″ Fits Much Better)
  • ARP Main Studs
  • ARP Rod Bolts
  • Toyota Head Bolts <–From 2JZ-GTE Or 2JZ-GE (USE 10MM 6-Point Hex For Removal) Proof
  • Toyota Main Bearing Cap Bolts<–From 2JZ-GTE Or 2JZ-GE
  • Toyota Rod Bolts<–From 2JZ-GTE Or 2JZ-GE
  • ATI Crank Pulley
  • Aftermarket Springs And Retainers
  • Buckets And Shims
  • Valve Keepers
  • Main Bearings
  • Connecting Rod Bearings
  • Thrusts Washers
  • Front Main Seal
  • Rear Main Seal
  • Oil Cap

Specific 1JZ Parts

  • Exhaust Gaskets
  • Upper And Lower Intake Manifold Gaskets
  • Upper And Lower Intake Manifold
  • Throttle Body
  • Throttle Body Gasket
  • Exhaust Manifold
  • Idle Speed Control Valve
  • Camshafts
  • Crankshafts
  • Pistons
  • Connecting Rods
  • Cams
  • Timing Belt Idler Pulley Bracket (2JZ Pulley Bracket Tensions At A Different Angle = Different)
  • Timing Belt
  • Valve Covers
  • 1JZ Cam Gear Cover
  • 1JZ Lower Timing Belt Cover
  • 1JZ Coil Pack Cover
  • 1JZ Oil Cooler Coolant Hoses
  • 1JZ-GTE Twin Turbo Downpipe Flange

1JZ Parts From Other Vehicles

  • Timing Belt = Same As 137 Teeth 1988+ Isuzu Trooper 4 Cylinder 2.6 Liter Engine (4ZEL) Belt Thanks Hvyman!
  • Cam Seals = Two Choices Available
  • Cam Seals From A 1995 Toyota Camry V6
  • Front Main Seal From A 2003 Toyota Highlander Toyota Part Number 90311-38084
  • 1JZ Intake Side Valve Seals : 90913-02090 (NOT THE SAME AS 2JZ)
  • 1JZ Exhaust Side Valve Seals : 90913-02089 (NOT THE SAME AS 2JZ) SAME AS 91-97 4A-FE/7A-FE Exhaust Side Seals

Parts Needed For A 1.5JZ

Want to do a 1.5JZ? Listed below are all the parts needed to do it. They are verified to work, especially the biggest issue, which head gasket to use. Thanks Jay for verifying.

  • 1JZ-GTE Head With Valve train
  • 1JZ-GTE Valve Covers
  • 2JZ-GTE Head Gasket (Has Been Discussed! Read 1.5JZ Head Gasket Selection!)
  • 2JZ-GTE Or 2JZ-GE Block (2JZ-GTE Block Is Much Better)
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Cam Gears
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Timing Belt Crank Gear
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Hydraulic Tensioner
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Timing Belt Idler Pulley With 2JZ Bracket
  • 2JZ-GTE Timing Belt (1JZ Timing Belt Is Too Short)
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Serpentine Belt Tensioner
  • 1JZ Upper Water Neck
  • USDM 2JZ-GTE Toyota Water Pump With Rear Housing (Listed Above)
    • Hydro Pump Can Be Used; USDM Pump Is Much Simpler And Parts Are Available
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Thermostat
  • USDM 2JZ-GTE Water Pump Pipe That Goes To The Water neck (1JZ Pipe Is Too Short)
  • 2JZ-GTE Brass Coolant Pipe That Runs Around The Block
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Alternator
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Crank Pulley
  • 1JZ-GTE Upper And Lower Intake Manifold With Throttle Body
  • 1JZ-GTE Fuel Rail (Choose Injectors(370cc,440cc,550cc) Decide ECU Setup First; See Below)
  • 1JZ-GTE Idle Speed Control Valve (2JZ-GTE ISCV Is Different)
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Power Steering Pump (Optional)
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE A/C Compressor (Optional)
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Oil Pump (Has To Have CPS Hole)
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Front Main Seal
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Rear Main Seal
  • JDM/USDM 2JZ-GTE/2JZ-GE Oil Filter Cooler Housing (USDM Housing Is Easier To Get Parts)
    • Lexus Union Bolt Can Be Tapped For A Oil Feed Line/Pressure Sensor (See Link)
    • Link Shows Modification For Oil Pressure Sensor But A Feed Line Setup Will Work
  • JDM/USDM 2JZ-GTE Oil Filter Cooler Housing Coolant Hoses (2JZ-GE Housing Has No Oil Cooler)
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Upper And Lower Rear Sump Oil Pan With Pick-Up
  • 2JZ-GTE Oil Level Dipstick (1JZ Dipstick Is Short, Will Not Bolt On Manifold With Modification)
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Knock Sensors
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Crank Sensor
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Cam Sensor
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Coil Packs
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Igniter
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Resistor Pack (Depends On Your Injector Choice; See Below)
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Intake Air Temperature Sensor
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Map Sensor
  • 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Engine Temperature Sensor (For The Computer; Two Pin Green Plug)
  • 1JZ-GTE/7M-GTE Engine Temperature Sensor (For The Gauge Cluster; Single Pin Plug)
  • Drivetrain Is Everything For The Standard 1JZ/2JZ Swap (Listed Above)
  • BIC Engine Brackets (Listed Above)
  • MKIV Supra Throttle Cable Listed For Standard 1JZ/2JZ Swaps (Listed Above)

1JZ-GTE Intake/Exhaust Valve Options

The 1JZ-GTE intake and exhaust valves are not readily available in the states but you can use oversized valves from the 2JZ.

1JZ-GTE Valve Specs

  • Intake Valve = 31mm
  • Exhaust Valve = 30mm

2JZ-GTE Valve Specs

  • Intake Valve = 33.6mm
  • Exhaust = 29mm

You can use stock 2JZ-GTE Intake Valves and +1MM 2JZ-GTE Exhaust Valves to retain the stock port size or custom +2MM 2JZ-GTE Exhaust Valves to go oversize. There is no need for +2MM exhaust valves on the 1JZ as the 2JZ is a 3.0L motor and has a smaller exhaust valve. It is said that when the exhaust ports are opened, the exhaust gas velocity is reduced which can add to turbo lag.

1.5JZ Head Gasket Thickness Selection

You will have to verify the compression ratio you want to use. The stock compression ratio of a 1JZ-GTE and 2JZ-GTE is 8:5. You can go higher if you like BUT you will need to keep in mind that you will need a standalone to tune your motor to avoid issues.

Follow These Steps:

  • Determine If You Have A 2JZ-GTE Or 2JZ-GE Block (GTE Has Oil Feed Holes On Exhaust Side)
  • Determine If You Want Top End(Less Compression) Or Bottom End(Higher Compression)
  • Measure The Piston To Block Deck Height(Will Vary After Milling Block)
    • Bring The Piston To True TDC
    • Place Straight Edge Along Deck Of The Block
    • Slide Feeler Gauge Between Highest Point Of Piston And Straight Edge
    • Record Values And Use Average; (Add All; Divide Total By Six)
  • Figure Out The CC’s Of Your 1JZ Head Combustion Chamber:
    • Get One Peice Of Plexiglass That Will Cover One Combustion Chamber At A Time
    • Get A Jar Of Vaseline
    • Get A Syringe With Volume Measured In CC
    • Drill A Hole In The Center Of The Plexiglass
    • Put Light Coat Of Vaseline Around The Head’s Combustion Chamber
      • This Is Used To Seal The Plexiglass Against The Head’s Deck
    • Fill Each Chamber With Vegetable Oil; Make Note Of Needed Amount Per Chamber
      • You Will Know The Chamber Is Full; Oil Will Touch Glass
    • Each Chamber’s Volume Reading Should Be Close To Each Other
      • If The Volume Readings Are Not Close To Each Other, Mill Head
    • Do All Six Chambers And Average Them Out (Add All Of Them;Divide Total By Six)
    • Example Of This Process Is In The Link Area
    • Plug In All The Numbers In The Compression Ratio Calculator In The Link Area

Numbers For Compression Ratio Calculator

  • Bore And Stroke Are In MM; When Using The Calculator In The Link, Enter 2
  • Cylinder Bore Size = 86MM
  • Piston Stroke Length = 86MM
  • Head Gasket Bore Diameter = Your 2JZ Head Gasket Bore Diameter
  • Enter Compressed Head Gasket Thickness = 1.1
  • Combustion Chamber Volume In CCs = YOUR MEASURED AVERAGE VALUE
    • Stock 1JZ Uncut/Never Milled Head Is 40CC
  • Piston Dome Volume In CCs (Negative For Dished Pistons)
    • 2JZ-GE Pistons = -9 <–Negative
    • 2JZ-GTE Pistons = Don’t Know; Local Machine Shop Can Measure For You
  • Piston Deck Clearance (Negative If ABOVE Deck) = YOUR MEASURE VALUE

The compressed head gasket value is what determines your compression ratio. The thicker the head gasket, the more the thickness becomes when the head gasket is compressed which in turn lowers the compression ratio.

1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Torque Specs

  • The link area has pictures from the Toyota 2JZ-TSRM to show the steps.
  • Stock Head Bolts – 26ft/lbs Then 90 Degree Turn…Then Another 90 Degree Turn
  • Stock Connecting Rod Bolts – 22ft/lbs Then A 90 Degree Turn
  • Main Bearing Cap Bolts – 26ft/lbs Then 90 Degree Turn…Then Another 90 Degree Turn

1.5JZ Turbo Options

You can have many different options for your turbo setup with your 1.5JZ-GTE Motor. It now has a bigger bottom end displacement to spool larger turbos much quicker. Listed below is a twin setup and a generic single setup. There have been instances where the 2JZ-GTE twins were modified to bolt onto the 1JZ-GTE manifold. Here is a general ideal if you want to run twins on a 1.5JZ, the head is a 1JZ so treat it as such. If you wanted to bolt a new twin setup that would fit DIRECTLY onto a 1JZ-GTE, it would fit a 1.5JZ-GTE as well BUT you will have to be careful about your oil and drain lines.

Since a setup that would bolt onto a fully stock 1JZ-GTE takes into consideration the block is a 1JZ-GTE block, you cannot assume that it would fit on a 2JZ-GTE block. The reason for this is because the 2JZ-GTE block is an 1/2″ taller, so that means the 1JZ-GTE head will sit a 1/2″ higher, meaning the turbo setup will sit 1/2″ higher as well. The oil feed and drain on the 1JZ-GTE and 2JZ-GTE are in the same place but now you are relocating the turbo an extra 1/2″ away. The solution for this is to use 2JZ-GTE stock feed and drain hardlines. The coolant lines are fine because they utilize coolant hoses to reach the water neck like the 7M does.

Stock Twin Turbo Setup

  • 1JZ Twin Turbo Manifold; Two Pieces, Three Cylinders Each
  • 1JZ-GTE Turbos With All Aluminum Piping Or Retro Fitted 2JZ Turbos By Albert
  • 2JZ-GTE Oil Feed And Drain Hardlines
  • 1JZ-GTE Coolant Flange On Turbo; Connect To Water Neck With Coolant Compatible Hose
  • 1JZ-GTE Y-Pipe
  • 1JZ-GTE Downpipe Flange To Mate To Your Exhaust

Single Turbo Setup

  • 1JZ-GTE T3 Or T4 Manifold
  • 1JZ-GTE T3 Or T4 Turbo
  • Oil Feed Line
  • Oil Drain Line
  • Oil Drain Fitting For Oil Pan 1JZ-GTE/2JZ-GTE Oil Pan Drain Flange
  • Oil Feed Fitting For Block (Block’s Thread Is M12x1.25; Seals With A Crush Washer)
  • Downpipe Of Your Choice; Four Bolt Or V-Band
  • Coolant Lines (If Oil Cooled)

1.5JZ ECU Options

There are a lot of ways you can control your new 1.5JZ. You can run it off a 1JZ-GTE computer, 2JZ-GTE computer or a Standalone. Standalone is self explanatory once you decide what harness you will use. It was stated above that 1JZ-GTE computers, whether a Supra or Soarer, have issues. You can get it recapped but you have another option. Why not run a Aristo 2JZ-GTE harness and Aristo 2JZ-GTE computer. The Aristo computer is better than the USDM one as it does not used a MAF setup, instead it’s a speed density setup like the 1JZ-GTE. Take a look below.

1JZ-GTE Computer

  • 1JZ Harness
  • Stock 370CC Fuel Injectors
  • No Injector Resistor Pack Needed

Aristo 2JZ-GTE Computer

  • 2JZ Aristo Harness
  • Stock 440CC Injectors (Fits In 1JZ Rail; The Tabs On The Injectors Needs To Be Trimmed)
  • USDM 550CC Injectors (Fits In 1JZ Rail; The Tabs On The Injectors Needs To Be Trimmed)
  • Injector Resistor Pack Needed ONLY For 550CC Injectors

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