IS300 spare wheel mod

The spare wheel in de MK3 supra has a somewhat clumsy design. Especially the european type where part of the wheel sits higher than the cargo room floor. There is a lot of room underneath the wheel but it’s not really usable. Looking at my IS200 spare wheel I noticed that the spare wheel was placed with the ‘up’ side of the wheel facing the floor. In addition to that, it has a smaller wheel stay so getting it out doesn’t take 5 minutes of screwing and it has a nice place plastic bucket to put some stuff in.


So I went ahead and got some parts from a junk yard IS200.

  • A foam wheel protector
  • The wheel screw-on ‘stay’
  • The plastic bucket

I needed to open up the center hole on the wheel protector using a big drill. You should also be able to do this using a knife but a drill with a large diameter (somewhere between 5 and 10 centimeters) will do the job just fine.

Just trim it until it fits and put it in the supra trunk. Place your spare wheel upside-down and use the IS300/IS200 wheel stay to hold it in place. As a nice touch put the plastic bucket insert into the wheel and presto! You’re done.

Now, as you may still have the 7M it would be a nice place to hold your spare oil and coolant supply. The carpet fits like stock for that nice stealthy look and you won’t have to explain to your friends why you’re keeping an extra can of oil in your car.