MKII / MKIII Supra radio wiring

MKII / MKIII Supra radio wiring

Radio wiring information for the MKII and MKIII Toyota Supra.




1989+ Toyota In Dash Wire Color

Power Connections:

Brown – Ground
Blue/Yellow – Switched + 12V
Grey – Battery 12V  (Please note: It seems that some supras have the grey and blue/yellow wiring mixed up. measure using a Volts meter)
Green – Illumination (switched 12V with tail lights)
Pink/Blue – Ant 1
Black/Red – Ant 2 (link to Ant 1 and connect to sterio Ant or Remote)

Speaker Connections;

Left Front Speaker:
+ Pink
– Purple

Left Rear Speaker:
+ Black Brown dot
– Yellow Brown dot

Right Front speaker:
+ Pale Green
– blue

Right Rear Speaker:
+ Red Black dot
– White Red dot

Fuses for stereo supplies:

“DOME” 20 amp – Engine fuse box – supplies the perm +12V
“RADIO” 7.5 amp – Driver kick panel – supplies the switched +12v
“TAIL” 15 amp – Drivers kick panel – supplies illumination feed + 12V

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