Supra window auto-up mod

Supra window auto-up mod

Up front:

Yes there are several ways to do this. Yes there was a write-up on the SOGI list a long time ago but it’s long gone and the pictures that went with it even before that. No, you don’t have to remove everything like I did but if you’re new to the supra world it’s a good thing to be careful and be sure of what you are doing. And besides, it made the pictures a whole lot clearer.

The problem

So the 1986-1992 Supra got nice power windows with the word “auto” written on the drivers window control knob. You press the ‘down’ button all the way and there you go, the window goes all the way down just like it should. But when you want to roll-up the windows, the button can’t be pressed and you need the small lever in the middle to make the window go up. That’s not the pretties option nor is it convenient as the small levers are prone to failure and break apart, making your fingers go sore when closing the windows because you have to push against what’s left of the lever until the window is all the way up.

It sure would be nice to have that auto feature working for closing windows too, right? Right!

So here’s the deal. Toyota just put a small tab just underneath the ‘up’ position of the control knob. Al we have to do is get rid of that tab and we will have full functioning auto for both up and down directions.


The solution

When you look at the window control module in your car, and push the button on the window “down” side, you can see that there is a small black tab just beneath the “up” side. That little piece of plastic is the only thing that is standing in your way of having full “Auto up”. There’s a lightblue circle around the tab as shown in picture 1

Picture 1 - Tab visible from the car

I removed the control unit completely for the obvious reasons of taking pictures, however, you could just snap the tab from within the car if you need a quick’n dirty solution but it’s good practice to do the exta work and just remove the module. A lot of dust gathers over the years and now’s a good time to give it a clean and make everything look and work like brand-new. You could also add some contact-cleaner to the plug to ensure proper connection for years to come.


Picture 2 - Tab clearly visible

Anyway: First, remove the window control module from the door. You can do that by removing the door insert (trim). How to do that is shown in the TSRM. Then take the module out and push the ‘down’ side of the drivers side button. Take your favourite needle nose pliers or a knife and get that sucker out of the way. Even a screwdriver with a proper punch should do the trick. It breaks of rather easily and you’re all set. See picture 3 and 4 about how it should look when you’re all done. It’s circled in green.

Make sure you remove the broken tab so it will not interfere with normal operation of your switch. It’s time to put everything back together and put it to the test!


Picture 3 - Tab removed

Picture 4 - Tab removed

That’s it. You’re al set with a control switch that is clean and has the auto-up feature enabled.

Quicker and cheaper than flashing the ECU for such a feature 😉


Picture 5 - All set.